Logoo About us

Chick Magnet is a Fast Food joint located in D.H.A Phase 6 Karachi. Chick Magnet offers hygienic and healthy food, made with fresh ingredients, bread and spices.

We serve Nugs and Shots including Cheese, Cheetos, Korean Sticky and more. They got variety of Burgers and Sandwiches, Wings, Dip Sauces, Ice-Cream, and Beverages.

Logoo A Chicktastic Exclusive

What’s a Magner? A Magner is our speciality that will Chickify you. An unbelievably soft bread, made in-house by our experts, filled with a Chicktastickly juicy Chick and topped with our secret sauces to give you a Magnerizing experience.

Try them out now in all varieties; Hot Chick,Buffalo Chick, Fiery Chick, and more!